"Grove" Archery Stands

General view of completed stands.

A set of stacked stands.

General dimensions / scheme of parts.

Parts List, per stand

  1. CLS Timber, 63 x 38mm, 2400mm lengths, qty. 6
  2. Cup Square Bolts (Coachbolts) 10mm or 12mm x 90mm long, qty.4
  3. Penny Washers, to fit coachbolts, qty. 12 Matching fibre/rubber washers if available.
  4. Lock-nuts, Nylon insert, to fit coachbolts, qty.4
  5. Wood screws, 6mm x 90mm long, qty. 6
  6. Wood screws, 6mm x 60mm long, qty. 8
  7. Cord, rope or webbing; approx 1m but allow a little extra for the knots if using thick rope

Timber cutting guide


Bolt shafts wrapped with masking tape to correct diameter

Unless they have a full thread, wrap the shaft of all bolts with approx. four layers of masking tape (approx six inches long), to match or exceed the size of the threads.
Use a fibre washer if possible, or glue two penny washers together, either way, get the widest washer available.

Marking out / construction